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Yoshi Halberg

Screenshot 2016-11-16-06-47-34

Ed "Stich" Halberg


Billy Washington


Luigi Williams

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Sofía Hiloka

Hqdefault (19)

Pinocchio Johason

Hqdefault (17)

Rube Goldberg Animation Halioka

Hqdefault (4)-0

Charles Haiys

Nickelodeon Movies.exe

Wallace Arnold Williams

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Zelda Halberg


Alma Jajwks

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Ostap Mizukas

Hqdefault (5)-0

Lilly Maxason

Hqdefault (9)-0

Stephen Williams

Hqdefault (2)-1

Calliou Smith

Killer Family One Dawian-Armenian-British-Swedish-Icelandic H

orror Drama Film



Chuckie Donnie Williams as Evil Carl

Wallace Arnold Williams as Sheriff In Policecar

Zelda Halberg as Mother (Dolly)

Billy Washington as Daddy (Bobby)

Ed "Stich" Halberg as Rube

Rube Goldberg Animation Halioka as Bicska Killer

Yoshi Halberg as Max

Pinocchio Johason as Sherlock

Calliou Smith as Daniel

Stephen Williams as Brother (Lincoln)

Sofía Hiloka as Sister (Jeanette) (Lola) (Lily)

Charles Haiys as Maximillan

Luigi Williams as Gilbert

Lilly Maxason as Baby (Lisa)

Alma Jajwks as Ruby

Ostap Mizukas as James



Thrinteen Child In House yes okay so spooky dad & mother said: Hey Child Watch on Abononed Room

Rube & Max walks In Abononed Room yes killer Knife And Killer Everonye


Production Company:

20th Century Jake

30th Leonadro López


Imagine Entertaiment


Runing Time: 105 Second Edit

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